The CPT&C (Community Psychoanalysis Track and Consortium)  began in 2016 by establishing a group of psychoanalytic clinicians from both community mental health and institutionalized psychoanalysis to explore the possibility of developing a training track (CPT) and an affiliated network of community mental health and analyst members (Community Psychoanalysis Consortium).


2018-2019:  A pilot project for the CPT gave birth to the first Core Seminar with volunteer PINC graduate participants in the role of the candidates.  The participants led a reflective process group at Partnerships for Trauma Recovery (PTR), a Berkeley-based agency that offers mental health services and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers. For more information about PTR, please see their website at: https://traumapartners.org

2019-2020: Two PINC training candidates participated in the CPT, facilitating a case conference with agency staff, again at Partners for Trauma Recovery.

2020-2021: CPT offered two new projects for candidate training:

  • A collaborative group with social workers at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office.
  • A group for peer counselors at RAMS (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc) Division of Peer-Based Services. For more information about Peer-Based Services, please see their website at:  https://ramsinc.org/peer-based/.

Candidate participants: Judy Blumenthal, Ben Ringler, Elise Geltman, Leigh Lyndon, Paul Alexander, Orion Rozsa and Denali Tice

2021-2022: CPT Consultancy through a new program called Community Alliance: 

  • Core Seminar for Lisa Bertizhoff and Carol Christensen, providing consultation for Connect by Music, an organization offering front line mental support through music schools in refugee camps.
  • Core Seminar for Mahima Muralidharan, providing consultation and programming for trauma-based intervention in consumer relations sector mailto:mahimasf@gmail.com

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