The CPT Steering Committee oversees all curricular, organizational, and funding needs of the training track including:

  • Development of new collaborative community projects
  • Evaluation of the CPT community project engagements
  • Recruitment of faculty and development of syllabi for coursework
  • Establishment of a process for certifying Community Psychoanalysis Supervisors including the development of the CPT Supervision Seminar
  • Fundraising and grant writing to support the functioning of the track
  • Advisory group for the CPT Directors

Program Founders and Directors:  Francisco Gonzalez and Rachael Peltz

Steering Committee members:

2018-2022: Nancy Drooker, Francisco Gonzalez, Betsy Kassoff, Julie Leavitt, Mary Margaret McClure, Rachael Peltz, and Lee Slome  

Beginning mid-2022: Sandra Gaspar, Francisco Gonzalez, Shubha Herlekar, Betsy Kassoff, Rachael Peltz, Lee Slome

CPT Coordinators:  Kara Swedlow (2016-2020); Diana Shapiro (2020-present)




In addition to generating the PINC training track, the founding group also spurred the development of the Community Psychoanalysis Consortium (CPC), a group that meets quarterly.  The CPC is a network of organizations committed to working psychoanalytically.  It so far includes the participation of CPT analysts and candidates, the Infant Parent Program at UCSF, California Institute of Integral Studies, Richmond Area Multi Services, Access Institute for Psychological Services, Coalition for Clinical Social Work, West Coast Children’s Center and Partnerships for Trauma Recovery. 

The work of the Community Psychoanalysis Consortium:

  • ​Developing a (thinking) space for mutual recognition and support of psychoanalytic “work” as it exists inside and outside of institutions and organizations
  • Consideration of the possibilities and challenges faced working in “community” ​settings
  • Cross pollinating philosophies about mental health, psychoanalysis and mental health ​service provision
  • Developing potential future projects for CPT candidate training
  • Exploring the role of institutional training for psychoanaly​tic candidates in community settings

Community Consultants: 

Lea Brown, Lani Chow, Sandra Gaspar, Shubha Herlekar, Annika Sridharan, Maria St. John, and the late Alla Volovich

Community Psychoanalysis Consortium: 

Partners in Trauma Recovery (Annika Sridharan), https://www.traumapartners.org

Access Institute ( Anjali George and Halleli Toder), : https://www.accessinst.org/

Infant Parent  Program ( Maria St John and Lea Brown), https://www.psych.ucsf.edu/zsfg/ipp

West Coast Children’s Center ( Sandra Gaspar), https://www.westcoastcc.org/

RAMS (the late Alla Volovich and Flora Chan), https://www.ramsinc.org

Coalition for Clinical Social Work (Beth Kita, Clara Kwan): https://www.facebook.com/CoalitionforClinicalSocialWork/

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