What is a CPT Community Project?

A CPT Community Project is a community training track placement that offers PINC candidates immersive learning in community psychoanalysis. Ideas for projects are gestated through collaboration between the CPT and the Community Consortium network. Projects are conceived through a collaborative process between public agency representatives and the CPT directors. The aspiration of CPT Projects is to forge bidirectional impact, fostering reciprocal growth and change between the community agencies, the candidates, and PINC as an institute.


2018-2019:  A pilot project for the CPT gave birth to the first Core Seminar with volunteer PINC graduate participants in the role of the candidates.  The participants led a reflective process group at Partnerships for Trauma Recovery (PTR), a Berkeley-based agency that offers mental health services and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers. For more information about PTR, please see their website at:https://traumapartners.org

2019-2020: Two PINC training candidates participated in the CPT, facilitating a case conference with agency staff, again at Partners for Trauma Recovery.

2020-2021: CPT offered two new projects for candidate training:

  • A collaborative group with social workers at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office.
  • A group for peer counselors at RAMS (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc) Division of Peer-Based Services. For more information about Peer-Based Services, please see their website at:  https://ramsinc.org/peer-based/.

Candidate participants: Judy Blumenfeld, Ben Ringler, Elise Geltman, Leigh Lyndon, Paul Alexander, Orion Rozsa and Denali Tice

2021-2022: CPT Consultancy through a new program called Community Alliance: 

  • Core Seminar for Lisa Bertizhoff and Carol Christensen, providing consultation for Connect by Music, an organization offering front line mental support through music schools in refugee camps.
  • Core Seminar for Mahima Muralidharan, providing consultation and programming for trauma-based intervention in consumer relations sector mailto:mahimasf@gmail.com

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