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The Community Psychoanalysis Track and Consortium (CPT&C) began in 2016 when a group of psychoanalytic clinicians from community mental health and institutionalized psychoanalysis convened to explore the possibility of developing a training track (CPT) and an affiliated network of community mental health and analyst members (Community Psychoanalysis Consortium).

The CPT&C is a ground-breaking educational opportunity that allows eligible candidates at PINC (the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California) to substitute one of three required psychoanalytic training cases with a Community Project under supervision. The program operates on the principle that psychoanalysis can be practiced in different ways and settings beyond the traditional dyad in a consulting room.

Each CPT&C Project offers experiential training and situationally-sensitive, integrated education to psychoanalytic candidates. This fosters the development of an analytic attitude represented by humility, tolerance of uncertainty, curiosity, capacity for reflection and respect for difference. Engagement with a Community Project aims to promote sensitivity to the impact of the larger sociopolitical, historical, and cultural elements on individuals and groups in a community setting.

The vision of the CPT&C is to bring about reciprocal learning for both candidates and the community, to forge collaborative bonds between psychoanalytic training institutes and community agencies, and to increase inclusion and equity in psychoanalysis.

CPT&C is an innovative program that challenges the formal definition and scope of psychoanalysis; it marks a sea change by broadening how psychoanalysis is defined, who benefits from it, and what is deemed teachable at a psychoanalytic institute.  


  • To continue to expand the utility of psychoanalytic thinking outside of institutionalized psychoanalysis and dyadic treatment modalities
  • To develop a hub of creative engagement among diverse clinical practitioners, administrators, activists, artists, and interested others committed to strengthening community psychoanalysis as a recognized, and innovative endeavor
  • To describe and share “learning-from-experience” — both through formal theory and practical application — that may help others develop their own local centers and networks of community psychoanalysis
  • To continue to develop the CPT toward operationalizing community psychoanalysis as a new horizon of analytic education and practice



  • Division 39 of the American Psychological Foundation – 2017
  • The Sarnat-Hoffman Family Foundation – 5 year grant beginning in 2019


  • IPA in the Community Humanitarian Award, 51st International Psychoanalysis Association Congress, London – 2019
  • Community Service Award, NCSPP (Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology) – 2021
  • Community Service Award, NCSPP (Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) to Rachael Peltz and Francisco Gonzalez – 2022

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